Our experts are qualified employees with wide experience in many fields including transboundary legal affairs. They are well versed with UK and Italian legal systems and the interaction between them. You can check their profiles below:


Mrs Clara Conte


Clara Conte is one of the founders of our organization. She is a trained professional with extensive experience, who has dual qualification as an English advocate and Italian avvocato. She graduated from Law faculty in University Carlo Cattaneo, Castellanza where she started her carrier as a lawyer and rapidly got success in legal field. In 2000, she was invited to work at a UK Firm of Lawyers working on judicial and extra-judicial issues. Gained an experience in many legal cases, she joined The International Law Partnership LLP (Formerly John Howell & Co.) in 2004, where she was dealing with inheritance, testament, legal property and cross-border questions of law in UK, USA, Spain and Italy. In 2007, she became Head of the USA and Italian Department.

Through the years Clara became a top expert with in-depth knowledge of Italian Property Right, Private International Law, Contractual Right, Taxation and Inheritance Law.

Clara has been working on writing and updating articles and books on Italian Law for the years. She shares her wide experience and knowledge with other lawyers in her works, also she has given seminars on cross-border legal cases, legal property, tax related topics and so on.

Her free time Lara enjoys spending with her friends and family, doing sports activities and visiting theatre. Laura’s hobby is swimming and scuba diving, she loves to explore water and great depths underwater.



Adriano Esposito has graduated from The Sapienza University of Rome and obtained his Degree in Law in 1999. Adriano had been working with many Notary Offices for ten years, proven to be a qualified Italian notaio before opening his own law firm in Rome.

Esposito is working in real property and maintenance law. He joined our organization in 2010 as an Italian Associate, collaborating with the firm in contentious and non-contentious work, including cases of inheritance and transboundary real property matters.

Adriano is a very creative person. He likes drawing, singing and reading. He has a huge interest in history literature, especially connected with ancient and medieval law. Also, Adriano is a black belt in Karate, and he enjoys swimming.

MMiss Julia Moretti


Julia finished The University of Bologna. She graduated from School of Law with honors in 2010 and was one of the best students in Legal Studies (DSG) department. Julia received qualification of an Avvocato in 2015. After that, she continued her in-depth study of contract law, succession law, administrative law, family law and European law by taking courses held by the best Italian lawyers, advocates and magistrates. Julia worked closely with of Department of Sociology and Business Law of The University of Bologna. In 2017 Julia moved to the UK and in 2018 she became a Registered Europen Lawyer, showing her excellent professional skills and talent working in several UK Law firms. Now she is a lawyer in our organization, who deals generally with family and commercial law, inheritance questions and immigration cases. Julia loves travelling. She has already visited all Europe and now she wants to get in Asia. In her free time she enjoys walking, listening to music, hanging out with friends and cooking. Also, Julia is voluntary worker.

MMiss Noemi Grasso


Noemi is a graduate from The University of Florence. During her studies she had participated actively in scientific conferences, lectures and discussions on the law. Following her graduation, Noemi spent three years in the UK to advance more in the field of legal knowledge and to gain deeper experience by completing several real estate law courses. After returning to Italy, Noemi continued her studies in Rome and became a part of our team. Now she is high skilled facilitor in the field of civil law and commercial negotiations. Noemi interests in Italian and English culture. Besides Italian and English, she speaks German and Spanish languages, which helps her works in international area.

Mr Benvenuto Quattroki


Benvenuto got his Italian Law School Degree from The University of Milan. After his apprenticeship in small Italian Law Firm specialized in debt collection, he got a qualification as an Italian Advocate in 2002 and had been working in a firm dealing with transboundary legal cases in the field of legal property and commercial law for three years.

Benvenuto joined The International Law Partnership LLP in 2005, where he was working with Clara Conte and her team. Being part of the Italian department, Benvenuto had opportunity to get qnique knowledge and to train his skills in commercial and inheritance questions, legal estate, inheritance and international interaction between English and Italian legal systems. Back to Milan, Benvenuto became an employee of our organization. He helps our clients in the matters judicial and extrajudicial civil cases on Italian property law, tort law, debt collection, succession law, international private law and immigration questions including relocation to Italy. Pietro was a professional football-player in 90s and now he is a member of The Italian Football Federation board. He likes visiting football games. Also, he interests in Italian music and movies.

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