We are a USA Law Firm providing our clients a strong support in a Law field, solving and residential issues and finding solutions of any legal matter in USA, UK, Spain and Italy regarding Italian law. Our firm works with the maximum understanding of our clients and their interests, putting their objectives on a first place. Being regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority, the provision of efficient accountability is extremely important for us and our working process. We’re proud of our high quality client care service.

Our experienced specialists speak English, Spanish and Italian fluently. In their capacity are not only skills of complicated legal language translation, but also translation from Italian into plain understandable Spanish or English. We are ready to assist you in any commercial or personal nature cases or any legal matters in Italy.

Close work with our clients and wide experience in dealing with Spanish, English and Italian Law systems give us an opportunity to help you in any legal case: we are able to solve any conflict or to avoid conflicts in your matter, whenever it’s inheritance, commercial, tax or another problem. We have offices in USA (New York), Great Britain (London), Spain (Madrid) and in Italy (Rome). We are co-working with professional lawyers and advocates through the whole Italy and have strong assistance to take care of many difficulties.

International Lawyers taking care of your interests in Italy

Regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 510081)
Regulated by the Ordine Avvocati di Milano (Italy)

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