We provide faultless customer support because our main goal is to meet all the needs and demands which can be requested by our clients. Our approach is to find out all the efficient ways to make customers satisfied.

Each case is unique, so we use only individual methods to ensure our clients high quality service and successful interaction. We understand the individuality and significance of every case, so we don't use any common modes in working with our customers.

Understandably, there are some differences between English and Italian legal systems and difficulties cannot be avoided, especially dealing with the terms. In such way, our goal is to present information in accessible language to the customer, excluding professional terms, legal concepts and jargon.

Elisa Allegro is experienced professional who has developed her legal and interpersonal skills for years. Started her carrier in small Italian Law Firm, Elisa grew up into a lawyer with the international level and perfect knowledge in legal field. She has been working in Italian and UK Law Firms about 20 years, this experience improved her empathy abilities and has made her an excellent specialist with great understanding of customer care in both Italian and British perspectives. Elisa is one of the best interlocutors so far, who knows how to do her job in a proper way. She always puts the customer's objectives at the first place and all her work is consequently efficient and qualitative.

It should be stated, that Elisa is our quite popular employee and she always has many clients, who totally satisfied with her professional style and high quality of work.

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Regulated by the Ordine Avvocati di Milano (Italy)

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